Retail EPOS Till Software

Access Dimensions

A true integration between of your retail operations and Access accounts software which goes far beyond a simple sales data exchange and offers a two-way collaboration with Access.

True integration with Access accounts

Customer price lists and quantity breaks

Sales ordering processing and picking

Account balances and credit limits

Transfer of financial and banking information 

True integration with Access Dimensions

Works in collaboration with Access accounts to give visibility of customers, price lists, account balances, products stock levels and more.

Customer price lists and quantity breaks

Quantity break pricing information will automatically recalculate pricing when quantities increase with the Retail Till Software with full support for individually agreed customer pricing.

Sales order processing and picking

Combine Retail Till Software to create sales orders with Smart Stock to pick and dispatch with support for BIN locations and best picking routes for effective sales order processing.

Account balances and credit limits

Have visibility of customer account balances and credit limits with the ability to restrict transactions if their credit limit has been exceeded or their account has been placed on hold.

Automatic transfer of financial totals

Post financial information to Access accounts including support for payment methods, sales nominals, purchase nominal codes and VAT liabilities.

Frequently asked questions

Access Dimensions

Can I create discounts and offers?

Yes, these can be applied at till level such as Buy X for X and Buy X and Get Y free.

When will my sales figures get uploaded?

Sales figures are set to automatically upload at the end of each trading day but can be scheduled to poll at a specific time.

Do I require additional users?

No, we communicate through the toolkit so no additional users are required.

What data is transferred from Access to the till?

Customers, price lists, account balances, products and stock levels are transferred automatically to the EPOS software.

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