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Greentree is an enterprise resource planning business management software. It will integrate all operations of running your business including your customers, your staff, sales and marketing.

Real-time visibility across all parts of your business

Maximise the visibility you have over business performance

Supply chain and distribution management system

Reduce paper files

More effective team development and management

Human Resources and Payroll

This feature will give you the confidence to know that you will always be paying your staff correctly and on time. With a large database to store key files, and a complex search facility you will always have the resources to make sure the right employees are placed in the correct job role.

Financial Management

It is essential to have the tools to give you reliable financial data. Due to the Greentree system being completely integrated, staff can always be content to know they have access to the most accurate up to date information.

Supply & Distribution

Warehouse bins will give you the ability to effectively manage stock across multiple warehouses. As well as this, Greentree will provide you with a complete overview of your stock from when it has been purchased to delivering to your customers.

Live Reporting

Access to live reporting to provide the report data when needed. The reports can also be viewed from a web browser so that you can literally access them anywhere; no need to be sat in your office. The reports will contain the data across all aspects of your business including the EPOS software.

Customer Relationship Management

It is essential to look after relationships with your customers to ensure that you do not lose sales or business opportunities. A customer relationship management system will provide one system across the customers entire experience with you, storing all of the contact and business information.

Frequently asked questions


Will I have to input my data from the till into Greentree?

No, the data from the till such as the financial totals for the day will transfer into Greentree.

Will I be able to access my customer accounts from the till?

Yes, our solution will store all of your customer accounts which are consequently accessible from the till software.

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