Retail EPOS Till Software

Pegasus Opera

Fully synchronise your retail operations with both Opera II and Opera 3 accounts software by implementing a Retail EPOS System that transfers data and works in collaborations with Pegasus software.

Advanced integration with Pegasus Opera 2 and Opera 3

Account balances and credit limits visibly from accounts software

Detailed stock movements updated in real-time

Raise sales orders through the Retail Till Software

Raise credit notes and customer payments

Advanced integration with Pegasus Opera 2 and 3

Much more than a simple data transfer of sales totals but a full integration which supports customers, suppliers, price lists and discounts, products and stock levels as well updating of financial totals with Pegasus Opera.

Customer specific price lists

Manage your individual customer price lists and quantity breaks within Pegasus Opera and these will automatically be applied at the Retail Till Software.

Stock categories and updates

Categories created within Pegasus Opera will be filtered down to the till which will respect their hierarchy and behaviors without the need to duplicate entry.

Create sales orders

Captured and created directly within the Retail Till Software, including delivery address support, sales orders are then visible within your accounts software for deliver and invoice at a later date.

Sales order picking

Enhance the functionality of Pegasus Opera by implementing Smart Stock the tablet based mobile stock management solution which will sync sales orders and make them available for picking with full support for BIN locations and efficient picking.

Credit Notes and customer payments

Create both credit notes and customer payments through the Retail Till Software and have this automatically update the customer account record within Pegasus Opera.

Frequently asked questions

Pegasus Opera

Do you pick up customer price lists?

Yes, all customer specific pricing is transferred automatically to EPOS.

What data is sent automatically from Pegasus Opera?

Customers, suppliers, products, price lists, nominal codes, tax codes and categories are sent automatically to the POS software.

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