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Back Office Accounts

26 February 2018

Back Office Accounts, our own solution, is a software designed to integrate directly with your POS. It can act as a stand-alone software or can be used to integrate with an external software.

  • Customer Accounts – A place to store all of your customer accounts including the information such as; credit limit, credit terms, any customer specific information. These customer accounts will then be fully visible on the till software, which will consequently enable staff to be able to charge invoices to the customer account from the till.
  • Stock Management – All of your stock is stored in Back Office Accounts, and offers a complete history of each stock item. You can also manage stock purchased and sold in a variety of measurements.
  • Multi Location – There are limitless amounts of stock locations available which therefore means the software is fully scalable with your business. This also allows you to be as specific as you need when creating locations which will consequently increase reporting accuracy.
  • Transaction Data Poll – Transaction figures from the till software will be transferred automatically across into Back Office Accounts from the POS. This can happen at regular intervals or at the end of each trading day.
  • Supplier Accounts – All of your supplier accounts are stored within Back Office Accounts. This will allow you to see any activity on the account as well as be able to raise purchase orders against the supplier.
  • VAT Return – Our Accounts solution will calculate your VAT return for you. This is based upon your VAT due, within your specific accounting periods.
  • In-depth Reporting – With access to a range of reports including; stock valuation, stock take report, a stock movement summary and many more, staff can always have access to accurate data.


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