Card Terminals

We offer a range of card terminal options to make taking payments easy from Countertop terminals which connect by cable to Portable and GPRS terminals which can connect by Bluetooth or Wireless.

Countertop Card Terminal


Ingenico iCT250
Ideal for retail or where you have a desk or counter to take payment at a fixed location. Offering super fast transaction speeds over broadband.
 Portable Card Terminal


Ingenico iWL252

Giving you flexibility to take payment on the move at are perfect for pay at table, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.

GPRS Card Terminal


Ingenico iWL251

With a Global Roaming SIM you can pretty much take payment anywhere, ideal for outdoor events and mobile businesses.

EPOS Linked Card Terminal

EPOS Linked Static

Verifone VX820
With a direct to EPOS this is an ideal solution for retailers to speed up transaction times and offer a professional service to their customer.
EPOS Integrated Card Terminal

EPOS Linked Portable

Verifone VX680
Ideal for pay at table and hospitality businesses to streamline operations and pass balances directly from EPOS to a card terminal.


Need help deciding? Give us a call to discuss what you are trying to achieve and we can offer some advice on the best products and services for your business.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: What terminal is right for me?

The general rule is retailers will use a countertop terminal and hospitality businesses will use a portable terminal for table service.

Q: Does is work over broadband?

Yes, all of our terminals offer super fast transactions over broadband in 3-5 seconds!

Q: Can I have a wireless terminal?

Yes, our portable card terminal has a base station and works over Bluetooth to take payments on the move.

Q: I do outdoor events which terminal is right for me?

Unless you have an internet connection we would suggest a GPRS terminal which comes with a Global Roaming SIM.

Q: Can I give customers cash back?

Yes, we can add this facility to any terminal deployed.

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