EPOS Integrated Card Payments

With a direct link to EPOS the balance due is passed automatically to the card terminal reducing the need to re-key information and tie up the till.


No need for double entry

Automatically pass transaction details to the pin pad eradicating user error and miskeying.


Super Fast Transactions

Utilising an existing broadband connection you can expect to process transactions in 3-5 seconds.


No Need to Reconcile

There is no need to process end of day readings on the pin pad as all reporting is carried out through the till point.


Range of Hardware Options

Depending on the application required you can connect your terminal by wire, Bluetooth or Wireless.


PCI Compliance

All of our Verifone integrated solutions are fully PCI DSS compliant.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can I integrate my existing terminal?

Unfortunately, we would need to supply an approved Verifone terminal with compatible firmware.

Q: Are there lots of forms to fill in?

No, we do all this for you, all we would need is a signature.

Q: Will the balance due be passed to the card terminal?

Yes, once you press 'pay by card' the balance if passed automatically to the pin pad.

Q: Can I use pay at table?

Yes, you can pass a table bill to the card terminal for payment at a later stage.

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