8 January 2020

Here at SBS we have been looking at ways we can help do our bit for the environment.  As you may know the EU is banning the use of BPA in thermal rolls in 2020 and this got us thinking about our till rolls.   We are now delighted to offer a more environmentally friendly epos and credit card roll.  This new ECO-ROLL is a premium product, which currently isn’t readily available in the UK and is only widely available in Sweden. These rolls are not only BPA free but also Phenol free.  This means that they are free from BPS which is a common BPA substitute being used in “BPA free” rolls and this use is currently being monitored by the EU.  Our new roll is also free from other Phenol-based chemical cousins, all linked to various health issues.

The ECO-ROLLS don’t stop there on the quest to an environmentally friendly world though-

  • The cores are made from cardboard to reduce plastic waste
  • Inner plastic wrapping is made from a recyclable LDPE film
  • Outer cardboard packaging is made using recycled cardboard

From the sales of ECO-ROLL we will be making a donation towards ‘The Heart of England Forest’ (charity no. 1097110), a wonderful project which aims to create the largest broadleaf forest in England. Not only do we intend to plant 100 trees per year from monies raised but we will also be donating several of our weekends a year to join in the voluntary work within the forest.

These rolls are currently available in size 80mm wide (fits all epos printers) 57mm wide (fits all credit card terminals and most cash registers).

We feel that any change in the right direction is a change worth doing and are continuing to look at our products and our own working practices in our quest to reduce our environmental impact.

We would love you to join us in our move for a brighter future.

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