EPOS software to reduce your administration
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EPOS software to reduce your administration

28 September 2018

Are you in disbelief that we are already nearly half way through September?

Time is going so quickly and we are approaching 2019 at a rapid rate. You don’t want to spend the remainder of the year inputting all of your sales figures into a computer and writing sales orders by hand, its tedious and can be avoided.

Our EPOS system can dramatically reduce your business administration with our automatic polling software. The software will upload all of your sales figures, from the till into your accounts package. If you do not have your own accounts software, we provide our Back Office Accounts Solutions, which can act as your accounts package to hold all of your financial data. Sales figures can be sent to poll into your accounts package at the end of each trading day, or if you prefer, they can poll at regular intervals, so your accounts system is reflecting accurate data.

Uploading sales data is not the only function of the link software. Any changes made in the back end programmes, including adding new stock or a customer account, will be sent down to the till automatically. The software will make sure to push all changes down to the till to make sure that everything is up to date for the till users.

Time saving is just one of the features of our EPOS software, there are many other features to help improve the daily operations in your business. Find out more about our EPOS software solutions here or contact us on 01794 323 297.

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