Room Bookings

With room manager you can create your available rooms, agree rates based on occupancy and allocate a dinner allowance which is automatically absorbed as a guest charges an amount to their room


Calendar view

Setup and manage your rooms on a visual calendar for easy recognition


Room rates

Set different room rates depending of the type of room and occupancy level


Dinner allowance

Those guests staying on a dinner inclusive rate can be allocated an allowance to spend on dinner in the restaurant or bar


A4 printing

Generate a professional A4 invoice for guests on checkout which shows all room rates and charges to their room


Charge to room

Charge amounts to guest rooms from any till point with the option to obtain a customer signature as proof

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Most frequently asked questions

Q: Do you integrate with 3rd party room booking systems?

Yes, we currently link to Micros, Guestmaster, Guestline, Rezlynx, Welcome, Avondata and Ramesys although other links are added all the time

Q: Can I not allow bookings for a certain day?

Yes, you can block off a section of the calendar to stop bookings being taken

Q: Does the guest have to sign for room charges?

Yes, the system will automatically print a slip for the customer to sign for verification

Q: Do I have to allow charges to a guest room?

No, each room can have room charges turned off during their stay, meaning they would have to pay as they go

Q: Can I email receipts?

Yes, you can email a copy of the invoice from within room manager

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