Incentivize customers with discounts and special pricing to ensure they keep coming back whilst capturing sales data on every product they purchase.

  • Instant sign up through Retail Till Software
  • Capture contact and address details with postcode lookup
  • Branded loyally cards with your logo and colours
  • Real-time reporting on customer spending
  • Export data for use with email marketing


Capture Customer Details

Automatically capture customer information during sign up and make certain fields mandatory to ensure you have a complete view of your customers.


Postcode Lookup

Simplify your customers sign up by entering a postcode and selecting a house number to automatically populate the full address fields.


Reward Customers

Incentivise customers to return by awarding loyalty points or discounts on purchases which can be redeemed on future sales.


Analyse Spending Patterns

Drill down into customer spending using the report wizard to output details on best and worst customers, all the way down to individual product purchases.


Email Marketing

Export customer data directly form the database for import into email marketing software to support your email marketing campaigns.

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Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can I export the customer data?

Yes, all data can be exported to CSV format for upload into other systems.

Q: Can I issue loyalty cards?

Yes, these can be issued at the time of sale and activated through the till point.

Q: Can I link multiple cards to the same account?

Yes, you can link more than one card to an account for centralised management.

Q: Can I capture and email address?

Yes, this is one of the default fields and can be made mandetory on sign-up.

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We have partnered with The Joe Glover Trust and will be making a donation for each box of consumables sold amongst other on-going activities.

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