Full synchronisation of your retail operations with an EPOS solution that works in collaborations with Exchequer accounts software.

advanced exchequer epos system 
  • Advanced integration with Exchequer
  • View products and stock levels held within the accounts software
  • Full support of customer price lists, discount and quantity breaks
  • Create sales orders and customer payments
  • Financial information is transferred automatically


Advanced Exchequer integration

A truly accounts integrated Retail EPOS system which goes far beyond a simple transfer of sales totals and encompasses automatic data exchange of customers, price lists, suppliers, stock levels, stock categories and discount structures from Exchequer accounts.


Stock quantities with multi location

All stock holding locations are visible through the Retail Till Software to enable operators to check current stock holding within their location or view the stock levels of other locations and branches.


Sales order creation

Raise a customer specific sales order directly through the Retail Till software, with support for delivery address capture, and make these available within Exchequer for picking and invoicing at a later date.


Quantity breaks and customer price lists

Full synchronisation of Exchequer created customer pricing, meaning a customer simply has to be logged on to receive their agreed pricing and can be incentivized with quantity breaks once a certain quantity of a product has been reached.


Account balances and credit limits

Gain visibility of their latest customer account balance and credit limit and restrict further transactions if their limit has been exceeded or their account has been placed on stop.

What does it look like?

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Do you support sales order picking?

Yes, we have a solution called Smart Stock which is a tablet based sales order picking tool.

Q: Can I check stock levels through EPOS?

Yes, you can query any stock code and see current stock levels at all locations.

Q: Can I set customer specific price lists?

Yes, all customer price lists set within Exchequer will be transferred to the POS. 

Q: What data is sent from Exchequer?

Customers, price lists, suppliers, stock levels, stock categories and discount structures are all transferred to the till. 

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