Integrate EPOS system with SagePay and automatically pass the amount due to the card terminal with no manual re-entry

  • Super-fast transaction times
  • Remove the need to re-key information
  • No problems with end of day reconciliation
  • Choice of Fixed, Bluetooth or Wireless card terminals


Super-fast transaction times

By connecting to an existing internet connection, we can process card payments in 3-5 seconds, much faster than a traditional 'dial up' or non-integrated card terminal.

Pass the balance due automatically

Simply press the 'Card Payment' button and the EPOS system will automatically send the amount of the transaction to the card terminal for completion and then finalise the transaction once the payment has been approved.


Reduce admin and time spent reconciling

How many hours have been spent trying to find why card totals don't match? Most likely because with non-integrated terminals you rely on the operator selecting the correct payment method on the till, with integrated payments this issue goes away.

Contactless payments as standard

All card terminals are setup to accept contactless payments and accept all leading mobile payments such as Apple Pay.

Choice of card terminal

We can supply a range of integrated card terminals from fixed counter top units through to mobile and wireless terminals, depending on which solution fits you best and where you intend to accept payment.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can we take contactless payments?

Yes, all of our terminals support contactless payments as standard.

Q: We we take payments over the phone?

Yes, we fully support customer not present transactions through the EPOS.

Q: What type of card terminals do you supply?

We supply a range of card terminals including fixed counter top units to units that are completely mobile and wireless. 

Q: How long does it take to process a transaction?

By using an existing internet connection, card payments can be processed in 3-5 seconds. 

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