Bluerunner gives you centrally controlled cashless, loyalty, promotions, gift cards and account balances.

  • Centrally managed cloud solution
  • Customer loyalty and promotions
  • Cashless facility with account balances
  • Sell and redeem Gift Cards both online and offline
  • CRM database for targeted marketing

Cloud based loyalty

Centrally managed with the ability for your customer to register and sign up on-line to a range of account types e.g. loyalty and gift cards.

Once registered customers can manage their own account online and view all of their transactions and special offers available.


Cashless environment

Create a truly cashless environment by allowing your customer to top-up their account online and spend their balance through any Retail Till Software.


Membership cards or mobile app

Issue membership cards or create your own loyalty app which allows customers to download, sign-up and start collecting rewards straight away.


EPOS redemptions

Active rewards can be redeemed directly through the Retail Till Software allowing the system to validate the offer and award the associated offer within the current transaction.

CRM database

Capture your customer's details and create targeted campaigns based on user activity, transactions, lapsed customers and top spenders.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can my customers sign up online?

Yes, the portal is branded with your deisgn and sits along an existing website.

Q: Can customers change their details?

Yes, once registered, customers can sign in online to update their contact details and preferences.

Q: Can we sell Gift Vouchers from the till?

Yes, we can create custom branded Gift Cards which can be activated and 'topped-up' directly at the till.

Q: Can we personalise the loyalty app?

Yes, the loyalty app can be personalised to your business. 

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