Integration with Digitickets which allows your customers to book tickets, events and memberships through your website, for live validation through our EPOS.

  • Sell your event tickets and admissions online
  • Redeem any ticket through the Retail Till Software
  • Range of ticket options including barcode, mobile and the ability to print at home
  • Make a booking for an event or buy tickets through any till point
  • Real time reporting and traceability of sold and redeemed tickets


Sell tickets through your website

DigiTickets will create a fully branded portal on your website which allows customers to book event tickets and purchase admission tickets from any device.


Redeem any ticket type

Customers can redeem their tickets through any till point which will check that the ticket is valid, hasn’t been used before and is available to be used on the current date scanned for date restricted tickets. This can be scanned from a print at home ticket, barcode or mobile device ticket on screen.


Upsell to a membership

Create membership subscription by upselling standard admissions tickets through the Retail Till Software with the option to add multiple people to memberships and photo capture for re-admissions.


Gift Aid capture

Full support for both online and on-premise Gift Aid which allows visitors to Gift Aid their purchase and records the required details for submission and reclaim through HMRC.


Book tickets on-premise

If a customer wants to book an event or purchase a ticket ‘in-store’ not a problem, as availability of events and capacities are checked in real time during the booking process to ensure nothing gets overbooked.


Centralised financial reporting

There is no need to run financial reports in multiple systems as even online sales which are not redeemed through a till point, are downloaded and posted to your accounts software.


Real time reporting

Cloud based reporting of all ticket and event sales as well as live redemptions of tickets to enable reporting of footfall and capacities to events.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can i check live availablity through the till?

Yes, you can check live availablity of tickets and events through any till point.

Q: Can I book directly through a till point?

Yes, you can book tickets, events and create memberships through the till. You also have the option of printed or email tickets.

Q: Can I capture photos of new memberships?

Yes, this can be captured through the till and validated with each visit.

Q: Do I have to run reports in both systems?

No, we sync all footfall and visitor reporting with Digitickets live, giving you access to all your reports data in one place.

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