Incorporate table management, bookings and mobile orders with fully featured purchase order processing and stock taking.

Visual table plans with table billing

Split, merge, move and transfer tables

Kitchen printing and kitchen video support

Tablet based solution for mobile ordering

Sync data with your accounts software 

Visual Table Plans

Manage your tables visually with multiple table plans with options to colour code, name and set the number of seats per table.

Table Status

Enable front of house staff to update the status of tables and inform the kitchen that tables are ready to receive their next course, from drinks through to starter, mains and desserts.

Table Bookings

Take telephone bookings and reserves tables for specific times and set a reservation time for the table depending on the party size.

Capture customer information and requirements when creating a booking which can be recalled by search the next time they visit.

Tablet Mobile Ordering

Take orders on the move with a tablet based terminal. This enables orders to be taken from virtually anywhere and printed directly to the kitchen or drink dispense printers.

Stock Management

Track stock right down to ingredient level with the bill of materials feature. Create dishes and drinks such as cocktails which contain the component ingredients and will adjust stock automatically when the main product is sold.

Purchase Order Processing

Create orders based on current stock levels of intelligently predict what you need to order based on previous sales history. Goods received can then be checked off against the original order to make sure what was ordered has been delivered.

Logwood Kitchen Video

Remove the need for paper based tickets with integration into Logwood Kitchen Video. Orders are sent automatically to single or multiple screens within the kitchen ready for prep with order information such as time of order and how long the ticket has been active.

Time and Attendance

Force staff to clock in and clock out to track their hours worked which can be reported on in real-time through back office.

Frequently asked questions


Can I build recipes?

Yes, you can create selling products from an unlimited number of component items and down stock automatically with each sale.

Can I use tablet devices?

Yes, we fully support mobile ordering on tablet style devices, you can carry out every process that you can through the till on a mobile device.

Is stock shown in real-time?

Yes, as soon as a sale has been completed stock will be reduced giving you an up to date stock total for ordering and decision making.

Is there a visual floor plan?

Yes, you can have an unlimited number of visual table plans which can be laid out the same as your restaurant.

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