Warehouse Distribution

Powerful extension to make your warehouse staff, stock replenishment and location transfers more efficient.

Modern tablet based solution

Sales order picking

Stock taking

Goods receipts

Location replenishment

Goods in transit tracking

Sales Order Picking

Automatically build picking lists from sales orders and rank these based on delivery date and priority.

With full support for bin locations you can even create your most efficient picking routes and combine multiple orders from the same bin location to save multiple trips.

Goods Receipts

Match deliveries with the original purchase order to make sure what has been ordered is what has been delivered by the supplier.

The system will automatically highlight errors as goods are scanned, such as; over deliver, under deliver and will identify an item not on the original purchase order. You can also automatically create and assign new barcodes to products if the supplier has changed this or was unknown during the purchase order process.

Stock Taking

Create immediate or scheduled stock takes and assign these to devices, based on a range of products, stock categories, bin locations or a random selection of products.

Current stock figures can be shown or hidden during the counting process and you can instantly report on variances and assign those items to a new stock take for a re-count.

Location Replenishment

Stock can be requested from any location and then be approved by another store, warehouse or management before being scanned and shipped.

With the ability to track goods in transit you can see stock currently not held at a physical location and ensure the correct goods are scanned and match the original request at their destination.

Accounts Software Integration

With accounts integration we can synchronise pending sales orders for picking and dispatch and extract purchase orders waiting for delivery to be scanned into the warehouse or store.

Frequently asked questions

Warehouse Distribution

Can I create purchase orders on the tablet?

Yes, once created the purchase order will post through to your accounts package.

How often can I run a stock take?

Stock takes can be run as often as required and can be assigned to specific devices.

Will the system let me know if I am running too low on stock?

Yes, the stock reorder module will use minimum and maximum figures to ensure that you never run too low on stock.

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