Easily manage all of your events, concerts or even squash courts and store customer details within the system, including their names, address, telephone numbers, email addresses and contact preferences.

  • Visual calendar view of your events and bookings
  • Capture details bookings requirements
  • Allocate tickets and capacities to events
  • Book resources and share these between events
  • Real-time reporting on bookings


Visual Booking Diary

View all your bookings in an easy to use and customizable diary that allows you to view bookings by year, month, week or day, with the ability to colour code bookings and events for easy recognition.


Detailed Booking Requirements

You can go into great detail when creating or editing a booking and easily add information such as associated resources, the duration, whether a ticket is necessary and much more.


Ticket Sales

Allocate tickets and maximum capacity to any event or activity with the ability to pay for tickets through any till point.


Resource Bookings

Create resources such as rooms, people and equipment which can be booked individually or linked to an event type.


Time Lock Bookings

Ensure rooms or facilities are not double-booked and a session or facility isn't over-booked. With prompts that will notify you if you try and change a booking to a date or time that would result in a conflict with a booking that has already been made.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can I have multiple calendars?

Yes, each activity or resource can have its own calendar view or share another.

Q: Will the system email confirmation?

Yes, when a new booking is created or change the system will automatically email confirmation.

Q: Can I email the internal department responsible?

Yes, each activity or resource will be allocated to a department who will receive notification of any new bookings or changes.

Q: Can I allocate tickets to an event?

Yes, you can create a ticketed event and set the number of tickets and price banding available.

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