Gift Aid

Automatically prompt and capture compliant data on Gift Aid admissions, including postcode lookup, for submission to HMRC.

gift aid epos system 
  • Prompt automatically on Gift Aid admissions
  • Mandetory fields to support HMRC claim
  • Postcode lookup
  • Printed declaration on customer receipts
  • Real-time reporting of Gift Aid data


Gift Aid Capture

Prompt users with declarations and promote the donation of Gift Aid automatically through the Retail Till Software.


Postcode Lookup

Accurate data capture to ensure Gift Aid claims are successful. Simply enter the customer's postcode and lookup and auto fill all other address fields with no manual input.


HMRC Compliant

Customized wording and declarations with the ability to mandatory capture required fields for Gift Aid claims ensures you are always doing things right.


Real-time Reporting

View Gift Aid claims and transactions by date range as they happen, meaning the data is always available for submission to HMRC as you need it.



Upsell a standard admission to create recurring revenue year on year. Standard admission products can prompt to upgrade your ticket to an annual membership to receive all the benefits.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can I link to postcode lookup?

Yes, we have an address lookup for postcodes entered during data capture.

Q: Can I change the Gift Aid wording?

Yes, on-screen messages for users and receipt print-outs can be fully customized to meet your needs.

Q: Can we make certain fields mandetory?

Yes, fields required to support the Gift Aid submissions are compulsory.

Q: How do I access the Gift Aid data?

We have a specific report which can run over a date range to generate the required Gift Aid data for a claim with HMRC.

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