Farm Shops

Complete management of your farm shop including; supplier ordering, stock control, promotions, customer loyalty and weighing scale integration.

 farm shop epos system
  • Easy to use till software
  • Approved weighing scale integration
  • Stock control with purchase order processing
  • Create and manage customer accounts
  • Integrate with your accounts software 

Till Software

The till point is the central point for any farm shop epos system and offers an intuitive design to prompt staff throughout the transaction with the aid of product pictures and menus.


Weighing Scales

With a weights and measures approved link, product weight information is passed to the till point automatically when an item is placed on the scale.The till points hold all the pricing information centrally, meaning you can update all till points from a single location or back office.

The till point will calculate the price of each item automatically and print a customer receipt, displaying price per KG and the weight of each item purchased at the end of the sale.


Stock Management

Managing farm shop stock takes with the aid of mobile terminals to scan products and input stock counts to generate variance reporting against what the system is expecting you to have in stock.

With the option to use full purchase order management, the system can suggest orders based on historic data or current stock levels and generate purchase orders to be sent to suppliers.

Promotions and Special Offers

Handle product promotions with ease, for example ‘Buy 2 for £5’ or ‘Buy 3 and get the cheapest free’ are calculated automatically by the till point.

Any triggered promotions are displayed on the till point for the operator as well as customer receipts so they can see the promotions and savings they qualified for.

Price Labels and Shelf Edge

Print barcodes or shelf edge labels directly from the till point when prices are updated or a new delivery is received.

Small suppliers commonly don’t print barcodes on their products and with the ability to generate your own barcodes, these can be affixed to products enabling staff members to simply scan products at the till point rather than having to lookup by menu or code number.

Customer Accounts

Provide wholesalers farm shop customers with their own discounted or trade pricing which can be set per product or against the whole transaction.

Wholesale customers can login and charge items to their account from any till point or back office PC with full account management, including; VAT invoicing, statements and payments on account.

Accounts Integration

The point of sale can link seamlessly with our back office accounts or your chosen accounts package, saving a huge amount of time and administration from double entry.

You can link your farm shop epos system to: Back Office Accounts, Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera, Exchequer and Access. All data in synced between the systems including customer accounts, products, supplier records and purchase orders.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Will the scales pass the weight to the till?

Yes, we supply integrated scales which automatically pass the weight to the till to calculate the price.

Q: Can I use a scale on my butcher / deli counter?

Yes, we also have a stand-alone scale option which can generate price embedded barcodes to be scanned at the till point.

Q: Can I run customer accounts?

Yes, you can create customer and assign them special pricing or a discount every time they purchase.

Q: Can I link to Sage?

Yes, we have a full link with Sage 50 which allows us to post financial information and sync customer accounts.

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