Hotel EPOS System

Links to a range of PMS systems you can truly integrate hotel processes and ensure nothing is missing from guest bills.

hotel epos system 
  • Integration with your hotel reservation software
  • Post food and beverage spend to room accounts
  • Post financial totals to PMS system
  • Manage restaurant and bar areas
  • Stock management and stock taking 


 guestline epos system  micros oracle epos system avon data epos system   guestmaster epos system


20+ PMS Integrations

Integrate your Hotel EPOS System with a range of property managment softwares, including; Micros / Oracle, Guestline Rezlynx, AvonData, GuestMaster and Resident Pro.


Mobile Table Ordering

Take transactions from anywhere and offer professional and efficient service by managing tables visually over multiple floor plans and areas.

Control course status of tables to keep the kitchen informed and order by seat for a truly fine dining experience.


Stock Management

Track stock right down to ingredient level with the recipe management feature and create dishes and drinks such as cocktails which contain the component ingredients to adjust stock automatically.

Includes the ability for full purchase order processing based on minimum stock levels and goods inwards processing to ensure the order has been fulfilled correctly.


Table Bookings

Take telephone bookings and reserve tables for specific times and set a reservation time for the table depending on the party size.

Capture customer information and requirements, including deposits, when creating a booking which can be recalled by search the next time they visit.


Kitchen Video

Orders are sent automatically to single or multiple screens within the kitchen ready for prep with order information such as time of order and how long the ticket has been active.

Remove the need for paper based tickets and integrate with Logwood Kitchen Video.


Time and Attendance

Allow staff to clock in and out of the system, with ability to log breaks, with full summary and audit reporting of all time and attendance events.

Most frequently asked questions

Q: What PMS systems do you link to?

We currently link to Micros, Guestmaster, Guestline, Rezlynx, Welcome, Avondata and Ramesys although other links are added all the time.

Q: Can you account for dinner allowance?

Yes, provided the linked PMS system supports this the charges would be automatically absorbed into their allowance.

Q: Can we take orders at the table?

Yes, we have an 8" rugged tablet which fully integrates into the system for food and drink orders.

Q: Can we book tables?

Yes, table reservations can be placed using the booking manager and calendar view, you can also allocate dinner packages to bookings.

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