Complete solution to manage your customers, invoicing, suppliers and stock.

Seamless Integration with your accounts software

Customer price lists

Automatic customer invoicing and delivery notes

Flexible scalable solution

Manage deliveries and stock taking

Automatic Email Invoicing

After a sale has been completed, a full VAT invoice can be emailed straight to your account customer. This will save this process from having to be done manually. Custom invoices allow you to show or remove pricing information for delivery notes and purchases.

Accounts Integration

Complete integration with your accounts software, to manage your customers, supplies, price lists and stock. Purchase orders and sales orders can be fully synchronised to allow you to view which orders are waiting to be picked or scanned into the warehouse.

Stock Taking

Create immediate or scheduled stock takes, based on a range of products, stock categories, bin location or a completely random selection. Current stock figures can be shown or hidden to staff when doing a stock take.

Automatically email customer invoices

When a trade account customer purchases goods through the trade counter, the system will automatically email them a full VAT invoice to their registered email address.

Custom invoices allow you to show or remove pricing information for delivery notes and purchases, whilst invoices for payment can be sent directly to the companies accounts department.

Sales Order Picking

Picking lists will automatically be generated from sales orders, with the option to rank them based on delivery date or priority. As the system supports bin location, you can configure your sites most efficient picking route to increase picking speed and save multiple trips.

Frequently asked questions


Will I be alerted when I am running low on stock?

Yes, the system has a stock reorder module that will calculate purchase order figures based on minimum and maximum figures per the stock item.

Can i see an audit behind each product?

Yes, each stock item will have a complete history log detailing each order that has been made containing the stock item.

Can I email invoices and statements?

Yes, the system will pick up the email addresses registered with the customer account for emailing of VAT invoices and statements.

How often can I run a stock take?

Stock takes can be run as often as you require and can be assigned to specific tablet deices.

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