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Smart Stock Launch

2 October 2017

We are pleased to announce that Smart Stock has launched!

Smart Stock is a tablet based inventory and warehouse management which seamlessly integrates directly with accounts packages including Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera 3 and Exchequer. Smart Stock will reduce the level of manual entry needed and will give you greater control of your stock across a single site or over multiple sites.

  • Within the control centre you can create immediate or scheduled stock takes which can be assigned to specific devices. Stock takes can be created as frequently as you require.
  • Inward and outward stock adjustments can be managed through a tablet and comments can be placed next to each movement for audit purposes.
  • Live stock enquiries by location to view stock in house, stock on order and a complete audit of all stock movements that have taken place.
  • Perform location transfers with ease as you directly transfer your stock or mark the stock as ‘in transit’ to alert the other store that stock is on it’s way. This allows you to have complete knowledge of where your stock is at all times.
  • Location replenishment allows you to request stock from another location with support for ‘in transit’ mode and the ability to easily send requests through the in-built messenger between the devices.
  • Stock can be booked in at a variety of detail levels, including batch, serial and bin locations. Goods receipts will be matched against purchase orders and will report if there are any discrepancies.
  • Sales order picking lists can be created and assigned to a specific device. This can be executed efficiently due to the picking route being pre-configured in the system.

If you are interested to see how Smart Stock can benefit your business then please get in touch by ringing

0845 094 8268 or contact us.


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