Exciting New Features in V3
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Exciting New Features in V3

12 May 2017

An exciting new development has just launched here at SBS. Version 3 has arrived and has many changes that are worth talking about.

  • Theme design allows for cosmetic as well as practical changes to be done to the till. This can help to make the till a lot simpler to use by removing transaction keys that aren’t actually needed. If your business doesn’t take card then why have a card button? Editing the theme to suit you and your business will only make it more simple for the till users.
  •  An inbuilt ticketing system has been created that gives the till complete control of setting up season tickets as well as handling admission. These can be made and redeemed at the POS as well as printing specifically designed tickets at the receipt printer. Customers can also be assured that if they lose their ticket you can search for their account in the database using their details at the till.
  • The ability to create refund reasons and discount reasons saving the till user time and data input at the point of sale.
  • DigiTicket Integration is a brand new integration that allows for tickets to be bought online and redeemed at the POS. This integration also benefits from real-time reporting which can allow for users to check on visitor numbers and the sales of certain events throughout the day.
  • Charging credit to a gift card is now supported within the software. This means that gift cards can now be used to pay off transactions. These can be topped up at the till by adding a button onto the till layout which will then prompt you for the amount you wish to add to the card.



If you are interested to see how Version 3 could benefit your Museum or Visitor Attraction or if you want to hear about all the other exciting features in this software update then please get in touch either by ringing 0845 094 8268 or contact us.



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